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Untertitel:Different Perspectives of Multilingualism in South-Eastr Asia
Hrsg:Kärchner-Ober, Renate
Bibliographie:202 Seiten. Kt.
Reihe:Mehrsprachigkeit und multiples Sprachenlernen
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The authors in this volume present a stimulating collection of papers dealing with various linguistic and socio-linguistic aspects of the multifaceted polyglot scenery in South-East Asia. The papers explore and investigate linguistic, sociolinguistic and pedagogical issues on multilingualism and multiple language learning, and provide valuable insights in key challenges of progressively increasing multilingual societies. Special attention has to be paid to multilingual landscapes beyond one`s own socio-cultural background, as educational situations, learning traditions and cultural behaviours differ in Western and non-Western contexts. The world of work and the academic world are rapidly expanding across national borders and, concomitant, multilingualism and plurilingualism are taken out of their encapsulation in individuals and continents to become vital vehicles of global communication. This book is an important source for researchers, language teachers, and students who wish to expand their knowledge on issues related to multilingualism in South-East Asia. Furthermore, the book constitutes a sound basis for researchers who are less familiar with issues of multilingualism in a specific non-Western context.