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European Dimension in Education and Teaching. Volume 7

Untertitel:BEAM - Building European Identity through Spirit, Sense and Meaning
Hrsg:Rabensteiner, Pia Maria; Ropo, Eero
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Europe has its unique history on which the Western conception of democracy, culture and life style are mainly based on. The mixture and variety of status, cultures, languages and identities makes Europe particularly interesting for educational research. The book series European Dimension in Education and Teaching aims at giving voice to both researchers and practitioners to address important educational issues. The main aims of the book series are to increase mutual understanding of education and educational systems in different countries and promote democracy and the development of democracy through education. Knowledge of the cultural, historical, geographical, linguistic and political backgrounds is a base for European understanding and cooperation.
We hope this series also inspires researchers and practitioners in their thinking and everyday work towards a better future of our children and youth in Europe and beyond. The articles are published both in English and the authors mother tongue to enlarge the readership and to ensure that also the nationally relevant and interesting issues have a place in the volumes.