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Cognition, Comprehension, and Communication

Untertitel:A Decade of North American Proverb Studies (1990-2000)
Hrsg:Mieder, Wolfgang
Bibliographie:602 Seiten. Kt.
Reihe:Phraseologie und Parömiologie
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There is no doubt that phraseology in general and paremiology in
particular are experiencing a global boom that is especially pronounced in
Europe, to wit the foundation of the European Society of Phraseology in
1999 with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. In North America,
meanwhile, a certain revival of interest in phraseology and paremiology has
also taken place. In order to make international scholars aware of the
exciting paremiological work that has gone on in Canada and the United
States during the past ten years, this new essay volume on (Anfang kursiv)
Cognition, Comprehension, and Communication. A Decade of North American
Proverb Studies (1990-2000) (Ende kursiv) is offered with the sincere hope
that it will bring about further discussion and an increased interest in
the intriguing world of proverbs.
The twenty-seven essays have been grouped under the three "c"s of
cognition, comprehension, and communication. But such matters as
canonization, collection, context, culture, definition, empiricism,
ethnicity, familiarity, fixidity, folklore, frequency, function, history,
ideology, language, lexicography, linguistics, literature, mass media,
memorability, metaphor, neurology, origin, pedagogy, poetics, politics,
psycholinguistics, psychology, rhetoric, semantics, semiotics, society,
speech act, strategy, therapy, value, variation, wisdom, and worldview are
all part of this composite picture. The essays of this volume represent
some of the finest proverb scholarship by North American scholars, and
collectively they contain pragmatic and theoretical research results that
all paremiologists and phraseologists might well descant upon now that
these studies are all assembled under one proverbial roof.